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Trump’s 4 Biggest Lies about Today’s Economy Oct 15, 2018 politics “Best job growth ever.” - Wrong “Lowest unemployment rate ever.” - Rubbish “Fastest economic growth in history.” - Wrong again “Best wages, ever.” Trump Is So Predictable Oct 15, 2018 politics I wrote this yesterday after reading that Trump was going to call Saudi King Salman about journalist Khashoggi I predicted he would say: ’you know, Top 7 Signs Willie Nelson Might not be a Republican Oct 15, 2018 politics “Music legend Willie Nelson is doing a benefit concert for Democratic senator hopeful in Texas, Beto O’Rourke, provoking the anger of some The Rise Of The Teachers Oct 15, 2018 politics “Out of the 19 Republicans who voted against raising taxes to fund the teacher pay increases, only four survived the primaries and will be on the The Eye of the Hurricane Oct 15, 2018 politics “How high can the 2018 wave get? Consider that Trump has been doing everything possible to anger farmers and other manufacturers with his tariff Sinclair Lewis - It Can’t Happen Here Oct 15, 2018 politics “This 83-year-old novel has received some new attention for certain parallels with the current U.S. administration. Set during the time it was Right Wing Power Grabs Oct 15, 2018 politics “‘IOKIYAR’ or “It’s OK if you are Republican” has been used for years now, to describe how all scandals that demolish the careers of Resistance Is Not Futile Oct 15, 2018 politics ” If he’s unfit for office, say so. Resign and call for impeachment or stay and invoke the 25th Amendment.” David Frum The Full Story Given Report Confirms Trump Involvement In Moving FBI Oct 15, 2018 politics “When we began this investigation, the prospect that President Trump was personally involved in the government-led redevelopment of a property in No Argument Oct 15, 2018 politics “I can’t be held responsible for his actions. I can only be held responsible for my own actions. The one thing about this president, he certainly Mueller Investigation Has Already Paid For Itself Oct 15, 2018 politics “Manafort also agreed to forfeit multiple properties and bank accounts, participate in interviews, provide documents, and testify to the grand How Fred Trump turned ‘The Don’ into the monster he is now Oct 15, 2018 politics “I was, like, the top-ranking guy in terms of the military. That doesn’t mean I was able to get along with people, because the reason I went [to Making Tariffs Corrupt Again Oct 15, 2018 politics “In short, while the Trump tariffs may not be that big (yet), they have already turned us into an unreliable partner, a nation whose trade policy Make America Great Again Oct 15, 2018 politics “Despite a strong economy, about 40 percent of American families struggled to meet at least one of their basic needs last year, including paying Koch-Backed Group Supports Restoring Felon Voting Rights Oct 15, 2018 politics “A national group with close ties to the Koch Brothers, Freedom Partners, has thrown its support behind Amendment 4 on the Florida ballot — the Ignorance Is Bliss … Until It Is Too Late Oct 15, 2018 politics “America is under attack. It’s true. We are under attack in a war that very few Americans, most especially including those in charge, or those Hidden In Full Sight Oct 15, 2018 politics “See the pattern? It’s going down. The Republican Party has been an ebbing tide for decades. That’s why we have the Jim Crow Project. That’s why Do You Dance Like An Ironing Board? Oct 15, 2018 politics “Turns out Theresa May dances like your ironing board strutting its way into your hallway, ready for action.” Jordan Bassett The Full Story I Dimwits. Halfwits. Idiots. Oct 15, 2018 politics “After Nike hires Colin Kaepernick for an ad campaign, conservative halfwits destroy own property to ‘own the libs’. Conservatives are mad, Desperate - Or Despicable? Oct 15, 2018 politics “Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has apparently decided the best way to help his struggling re-election campaign is to piss Texans off even more, by sending Next page