Podcasts I Keep An Ear On

I used Castro for listening but keep it all synched with Apple’s Podcast App in case the Apple App gets better. Pulling the OPML out is very easy and then I edit using search and replace to get to a simple Markup page using Text Edit’, which I then copy and paste into Ulysses, which drives the content on this site. (I know there HAS to be a better way … right? I wonder why blottings just support OPML natively?)

Needless to say I do not listen to them all. That is why I like Castro, because it allows me to curate what I actually listen to, rather than felling I am always behind’.

Also - still outstanding - I need to subscribe to my fellow micro blogger podcasts - which are being indexed on Microcast Club.

Would love to get more recommendations, so if you have a favorite Podcast - do let me know through MicroBlog Here @johnphilpin  or john @ philpin dot com’. Likewise if you find any broken links below, I always appreciate the heads up.

The List (as of August 30th 2018)

Adventure Time Guys
Alec Baldwin: Here’s The Thing
American War
BBC Radio 4: Friday Night Comedy
Behind the Bastards
Big Ideas
Can He Do That?
Core Intuition
Cory Doctorow: Craphound
Culture Gabfest
The Daily
Dalrymple Report
David Axelrod: The Axe Files 
Dinner Party Download
Ezra Klein Show
Freakonomics Radio
Fresh Air
Guardian: Politics Weekly
Guardian: Science Weekly
History in Five
If Then
Incredibly Interesting Authors
Infinite Monkey Cage
IRL: Online Life Is Real Life
Jim Jefferies Show Podcast
John Gruber: Talk Show
John: Whistlestop: Presidential History and Trivia
Kara Swisher: Recode Decode
Katie Couric
Keepin’ it 1600
Kevin Rose Show
Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air
Le Show
Lexicon Valley
LifeAfter/The Message
Little Atoms
Mac Power Users
Marc Maron: WTF
Martini Shot
Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman
Micro Monday
New Yorker Radio Hour
Next Ten Words
No Such Thing As A Fish
Note to Self
Off Camera with Sam Jones
Omni Show
On the Media
Open Source with Christopher Lydon
Pen Addict
Peska: Gist - Mike Peska
Peter Kafka: Recode Media 
Philosophy Bites
Planet Money
Pod Save America
Political Gabfest
Politically Re-Active: W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu
Revisionist History
Rock N Roll Archaeology
Rolling Stone Music Now
Run Loop
Sam Harris: Waking Up
Start the Week
StarTalk Radio
StartUp Podcast
Stay Tuned with Preet
Stephen Fry: Great Leap Years
Supertop Podcast
Talking Points Podcast
Team Human
TED Radio Hour
This American Life
Vox: The Weeds
Walter Isaacson: Trailblazers
WordPress Weekly
World of Speakers
You Are Not So Smart
Young Turks

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