Recent Customer Service Response Times and Experiences

Maybe it is time for some of America’s fine’ institutions to take some lessons from the indie web movement. For whatever reason, this past week, I had occasion to interact with a number of organizations. In order of what I think is the size of the organization … here is my experience - from small to large and coincidentally best to worst’ - really - only the last two organizations get classified as worst’.

Blot - David Merfield

Almost instantaneously - every time - very helpful.

Micro Blog - Manton Reece

Super responsive - every time through multiple channels


Not as fast as the one man’ shops - but very helpful and engaged - and questions answered and fixed in less than 24 hours.


My email question was answered the next day.


Responded to my email the following day and after clarification was fixed about 30 minutes later.


Got an auto response, saying that I was in the queue’. I then had to remind them again two days later. A day later, I got a response. Once I was being handled, problem fixed. No fuss. No muss.

No big deal to wait for this particular issue - but had it been more serious, this would have been a problem.

Trying To Set Up A Doctor’s Appointment.

No link here, since it the US Health Service - they don’t seem to get anything beyond phone and fax. Specifically, this is not my Doctor - he is great. It’s the referral. The attitude of the person answering the phone was mind blowing. He asked me a lot of questions that simply are not relevant. When I answered, he had to ask again, because no attention was being paid. One question he asked three times - for three different forms he was attempting to complete. In the end I spent 30 minutes giving him the information and then was told they would call me back to make an appointment - once they have confirmed all of the information. That was three days ago. They called back on Friday last week asking to check some details. They said they would contact me this week. I am writing this on Tuesday afternoon. Nothing yet.

Remember, this is just to get an appointment!

Bank Of America

I did not want to call them - they detected Fraud’ on my card - and so blocked it and told me to call them. I couldn’t fix there problem online. It took 20 minutes of on hold’ time to get the call answered. They then fixed’ it. I tried the card 30 minutes later and the card was refused. I called again and after 23 minutes on hold again … I was unceremoniously disconnected after being told that they couldn’t answer my call’.

Just for kicks I tried the card out over the weekend. It worked - so no need to call now.

I have been sent a survey by BofA asking me what I thought about the service and needless to say … I couldn’t resist.

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