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As Of September 11th 2018

A living page, documenting The Tools I Use To Do What I Do. Accurate as of the date above.

Micro Blogging

Indie Web Sites - My Sources That Cross-Post To Social Sites

Blottings … a simpler long-form’ site and Micro Blog … working towards a single space that holds references to everything.


Highlight text in Feedly and it automatically creates a draft post on Blottings which I then edit and publish.

It is then routed to my MicroBlog Stream

MicroBlog is automatically syndicated to Micro Blog on Wordpress’

You can follow me directly on Micro Blog or with RSS or JSON

Micro Threads to discover new people and conversations

WebRingo for web rings’

Codepen - CSS manager for BB and MB

Micro Blog Wiki

WPMUDev to manage my Wordpress Sites

Syndication to Twitter and Mastodon

Indiepaper | The Feed URL - the indiepaper feed that MicroBlog uses

ADN to link your twitter, app, net, mastadon handles so people can find you.

Wordpress Sites

Any post on any of these 3 blogs is cross posted to my stream on Micro Blog

Beyond Bridges : People Passion Platforms

Beyond Bridges | BB on Twitter | BB on Facebook

People First : All Else Follows

People First | PF on Twitter | PF on Facebook

And Another Thing : Two Chaps With Things On Their Mind

And Another Thing | AAT on Twitter | AAT on Facebook :

And Then There Are Also These Other Wordpress Sites

Philpin DOT com | On Twitter | On LinkedIN
Philpin Humor - long in disrepair - I need to move it to another space.
Isla-Mae : password access only - My Granddaughter
Randall Rospond - helping a friend
Maui Yoga Loft - helping a friend
Maui Mac User Group - from time to time

Indiepaper | The Feed URL - the indiepaper feed that MB uses
Feedbin - I like how the web site of Feedbin displays the feeds - very elegant. Feedly - the one stop shop for my RSS feeds.
Pinboard for bookmarks | See the latest here.
Bitly - my go to URL shortner

Biz Catalyst

A third party site that publishes some of my articles.
JP Articles on BizCatalyst360

Index To My Biz Catalysts Articles on John.Philpin.Com



13 inch MacBook Pro - running the latest Public Beta OSX
15 inch MacBook Pro - running the latest Production OSX
iPhone X - running the latest Production IOS
iPad - running the latest Public Beta IOS


Airpods - wherever my phone is
Bose Over Ear - for those long journeys Bose - improving the sound form my desktop’
JamBox - portable sound on the road
Sonos - home sound


Local Seagate Drives, Time Machine and Cloud

Basic Tools

… been this way for years. MS Office sucks.
Clean My Mac … software management


Ulysses - iOS and MacOS
IAWriter - iOS and MacOS
OmniOutliner - iOS and MacOS
Scrivener - MacOS only - and a little bit of overkill for my current needs.


Editorial- have it but don’t really use it.
Drafts - have it but don’t really use it.


Contact Management

Apple Contacts


Fantastical - I have V2 - but have long been committed to BusyCal - so no V3. Calendar 5 - By Readdle - because I love Readdle, but it isn’t really used.

Note Taking

Apple Notes
Bear - is a delight to work with and plays well with others.
Evernote - historical vestige. It sits on the OSX machines but not the IOS ones.

Task Management


Keeping Track Of The World


Feedly - for reading and feed management, but also dabbled with and keep the around: Reeder, Unread, WebSub, Evergreen (NetNewswire)

Read Later

Instapaper and IndiePaper


Castro - and Apple - and Overcast. (I know - I know.)



Mail App Messages / SMS


Facetime What’s App - for one person
Skype Zoom
Google Hangouts

File Storage

Google Drive
NOT Amazon Drive

Podcast Creation

Auphonic - Podcast sound balancing

Identity / DigLife / Customer Tech

Dig Life
VRM (Kuomo)
ID Systems (Kumo)

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